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[DebianGIS] RFC: GDAL ECW plugin

Just to play a bit this morning I submitted


(FrankW are you tuned? :-P)

This is the basis for creating an ECW support in main. My idea is providing
a binary package which contains the required source to build on-fly
the gdal_ECW.so plugin. The user should build and install the ECW SDK
on his own and then use the package to build the required .so file
and install it in the correct place. As such the package should depend
on the libgdal1-dev and build-essential.

I wonder if that could potentially be included in main or in contrib.
Formally it does not include at all the SDK source, so IMHO it should stay
in main, even if to be truly usable it depends on non-free software. 


Francesco P. Lovergine

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