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Re: [DebianGIS] qgis-grass crash

Paolo  wrote:
> I confirm, also after recompiling all gdal+grass+qgis (see
> debian.gfoss.it - thanks Niccolo), I still get the nasty
> crash when opening a grass vector:
> error_routine (fatal = 1): default region is invalid
> line 4: <south:      -28513.88928299>
> Cannot open GRASS vector: default region is invalid
> line 4: <south:      -28513.88928299>
> [1]+  Segmentation fault      qgis
> On win, it works (grrr!).
> Anyone has the same problem?
> Any hint on how to solve the issue? What happens on Ubuntu?

no idea about the bug, but FYI that "south:" is from the fourth line of the mapset's WIND file (WINDow==region)

Default region is in the same format but saved in $MAPSET/PERMANENT/DEFAULT_WIND

It is not uncommon that a map projection's coordinate be a negative number. Maybe a very big negative number. False northings and eastings are often used to prevent that, but they happen.

can you run a backtrace on the segfault?
for generic gdb instructions see



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