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Re: [DebianGIS] current situation

[GRASS versions]

Paul Wise wrote:
> experimental is the place for upstream development snapshots, it is
> usually a good idea to upload them there early so that there is less
> work later down the track when 6.4 is released.

It would be nice to host backported 6.3.0 packages for Etch for people
who want to try that, but without a 6.3.0 package in Testing those
would  need to be hosted at somewhere other than backports.org.

> Is there a timeframe for the release of 6.4?

Not as such, but the current plan is as follows.
(see http://grass.gdf-hannover.de/wiki/Release_Roadmap)

- Migrate CVS to SVN hosted by OSGeo.org (done)
- Release 6.3.0; begin public tests of native MS Windows build (soon)
- Start work on GRASS 7; branch off grass 6.4 devel in SVN. (soon)
- Finish new wxPython GUI for 6.4.0 release (may take time and
  stretch into 6.4.1, ..; Tcl/Tk GUI is maintained alongside)

As GRASS 7 will introduce some radical changes making it impracticable
to backport many new features, the grass6 SVN pretty much moves into
its stabilization phase as soon as work on grass7 begins. So from that
perspective the core of 6.4.0 will not be very different from 6.3.0 and
it could happen without much delay. The things that could hold back
6.4.0 are the MS Windows support and the new wxPython GUI.

GRASS 6.4's wxGUI needs wx widgets >= 2.8, but that is stalled in
Debian and I am currently doubtful of a resolution before Lenny is
released. At least there is no momentum and I don't see how the
upcoming wx 3.0 will magically be any more stable than the current
2.8.x line (in the eyes of the package maintainer) when it comes from
the same upstream team with the same QA ideas.  I hope I'm wrong. 

GRASS 6.4 may change the default database from DBF to SQLite, in which
case the grass package should suggest the (new) sqlitebrowser package.

So that doesn't look good for a 6.4.0 in Lenny, but the difference
between 6.4 and 6.2 are very small as compared to the differences
between 6.2 and 6.0. The current 6.2.3 release is not horribly out of
date as 6.0.2 was for Etch, so IMO no big tragedy if 6.4 doesn't make
it in time for Lenny. But we'll see what happens....


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