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[DebianGIS] GeoTIFF 1.2.4 and EPSG geodesic params dataset

I just uploaded a splitted version of the libgeotiff package (also
updated to the most recent upstream version 1.2.4). Hopefully 
the two packages (libgeotiff-dfsg and libgeotiff-epsg) should fit
DFSG requirements. My program is using the new library in GDAL
after ftp-masters approving.

That would solve our licensing issue with ambiguois EPSG data license
of course. 

Unfortunately the users will be required to install
explicitly the libgeotiff-epsg and we will be able only to
warn them in NEWS.Debian about the issue. Of course, the dataset
is not required but useful in many practical cases. I'll also 
add a note about that on the wiki.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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