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[DebianGIS] Summary from Libre Software Meeting in Amiens


when I had my talk about Debian-Science at LSM in Amiens:


the discussion brought up some intersting points that might be interesting
for all CDDs

Jannick Patois proposed a categorisation of quality.  It might be reasonable
to find simple objective numbers.  Here is a summary of Jannick's points
(with some additions and hints from myself):

  - number of users (could be obtained from popularity contest)
  - number of lines of codes (could be calculated at package building time)
  - version number (obvious, but should be put on a general stats page)
  - number of authors / written by a credited institute / used in publications
    --> duty of documentation of the maintainer
  - date of last version
    --> duty of documentation of the maintainer
  - number of related mailing list and frequency of postings

There are several possibilities to store this information that might
give users a clue about the value of a certain package.  Probably the
best way would be a tag in the control file but this will probably
not be accepted soon.  Perhaps a first shot could be a section in
README.Debian of the package.

Something, that leaded into this direction is Francescos DebianGis
Thermometer under


Francesco, where can the code for this can be found?
I would regard this a s a really valuable tool for all Custom
Debian Distributions.

Regarding the categorsiation of avialable Debian packages I decided
to just add the missing things to my original slides from the talk.
These now do contain some additions for geography and several additions
to physics (compared to the slided I used in the talk).
The slides are available at


(If you want to read the LaTeX source have a look at


but note the hints at http://people.debian.org/~tille/talks/latex-beamer/index_en.html
if you want to compile these yourself.  I rather linked the source here
for enabling easy cut and paste the dependencies with a text editor instead
of wanting you to compile it yourself).

This categorisation is kind of a second step to realise meta packages
stuff as it was discussed in the thread that started at


and which ended in a classification Wiki page at


The idea is that somebody might clean up the wiki page and adds the
suggested Depends/Recommends/Suggests to the categories mentioned there.
Please don't hesitate to start with this task if you are interested
because this would lead to the needed double checking of my suggestion
and brings Debian-Science foreward while I'm completely busy with
urgend Debian-Med stuff for the next couple of weeks.

Kind regards



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