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[DebianGIS] [Fwd: [Qgis-developer] 0.8.1 Tagged]

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Oggetto: [Qgis-developer] 0.8.1 Tagged
Data: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 00:58:25 -0300
Da: Tim Sutton <tim@linfiniti.com>
A: qgis-developer <qgis-developer@lists.qgis.org>

Dear all

Release 0.8.1 has been tagged in SVN. If you are a packager please go
ahead and make packages using this.

svn co https://svn.qgis.org/repos/qgis/tags/Release-0_8_1 qgis0.8.1

If you are able to build a package please add yourself to
http://wiki.qgis.org/qgiswiki/PackagingHelpers indicating which
package you are building. If you are building a package that includes
qt (mac / win / linux application bundle), it would be great if you
could build against Qt4.3.

I will make the public announcement  on this coming Thursday (15 June
2007) so if packagers could get their work to me before then it will
be great to be able to announce with binaries already available for
download. You can send me the url to the package on your own server
(please supply md5 checksums too if possible), or you can send me the
file using the free server 'you send it' at:


I have made windows and source packages and these will be uploaded and
generally available tomorrow from the official

Many thanks for all the people who dedicated a *lot* of time and
effort into making this release possible - your work is greatly


Tim Sutton
QGIS Project Steering Committee Member - Release  Manager
Visit http://qgis.org for a great open source GIS
openModeller Desktop Developer
Visit http://openModeller.sf.net for a great open source ecological
niche modelling tool
Home Page: http://tim.linfiniti.com
Skype: timlinux
Irc: timlinux on #qgis at freenode.net
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