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Re: [DebianGIS] cfitsio3 goes GPL in Debian, so what about GDAL?

Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> As explained in #422537 it includes files taken from gzip to support
> compression. Current maintainer decided to preserve compression
> support and so moved the license to GPL. Incidentally it is not
> compatible with GDAL copyright, so a practical possibility is
> disabling FITS support in GDAL. Another possibility would be
> re-licensing it as GPL in Debian, but it would imply licensing all its
> rdepends in the same way. Is there anyone who does not agree about
> that, due to constraints of one of its rdepends? Ideas? AFAIK
> licensing under the more 'restrictive' GPL is not a problem due to the
> BSD-like nature of the upstream license.

IMO it is preferable to maintain/honor the upstream license whenever
possible. ie relicensing Debian's GDAL packages would be an anti-social
move on our part, and perhaps cause uneeded confusion for end-users.


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