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[DebianGIS] Re: [GRASS-dev] strange thing on compilation of cvs

Glynn Clements wrote:
> Yann Chemin wrote:
> > I am moving to a Debian based distro (Kanotix: Debian unstable/sid).
> > did a fresh cvs update, in configure, i did not enable MySQL.
> > 
> > while installing, many (all?) vector modules failed, including
> > /lib/proj, the first one to fail on the list. While doing "make" in
> > /lib/proj, i discovered that it was requiring libmysqlclient... after
> > an apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev, it is fixed.
> > 
> > is it a new requirement? or something i did wrong?
> lib/proj uses GDAL, so it requires whatever GDAL requires. If GDAL
> requires MySQL, then so does anything which uses GDAL.
> If GDAL requires the MySQL client library, but you managed to install
> the GDAL -dev package without installing the MySQL client -dev
> package, that suggests that the GDAL -dev package doesn't have correct
> dependency information.
> The problem could lie elsewhere, but I'm fairly sure that it lies
> outside of GRASS. If you don't use --with-mysql, there won't be any
> references to libmysqlclient in any of the Makefiles, so the only way
> it can be referenced is as a dependency of an external library.
> And that library is probably GDAL, due to the number of optional
> dependencies (one of which is MySQL).

sorry, not libgeos; I replied without reading carefully enough. does
your gdal-config say anything about needing mysql?

$ gdal-config --dep-libs
-L/usr/lib -lgeos -lodbc -L/usr/lib -lxerces-c -lpthread -ljasper -lmfhdf -ldf -lgif -ljpeg -ltiff -lpng -lnetcdf -lcfitsio -L/usr/lib -lpq -lz -lpthread -lm -lrt -ldl

what version libgdal package does Kanotix use?


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