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[DebianGIS] freezing gdal and notes about gdal 1.4 and its deps

Current prospective is releasing in december Etch - if time lost in
flames around will leave us enough time for that - then I would freeze
gdal to 1.3.2 for etch. At FOSS4G both Markus and Frank suggested 
an imminent releases for Grass 6.2 and the end of the year or so for Gdal

My own opinion about gdal source is moving to a plain gdal-dev
package which could allow bin-NMU by RMs. 

Currently, mapserver and qgis still use C++ and I doubt qgis would
move to the C interface before 1.0 release. I have no hints about 
mapserver. I will kindly follow-up to both dev teams about that,
whenever possibile. In any case I doubt we will have qgis 1.0 in
etch in any case and experiences teach that changing versions
too near the freezing time is dangerous. Also, I would avoid big
changes in every package but for bug squashing starting from now... 

Grass 6.2 packaging is essentially done, so I'm quite confident
we will have that in time for etch.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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