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[DebianGIS] Re: OSSIM

[Paolo Cavallini]
> Hi all.
> Any plans of packaging OSSIM (http://www.ossim.org/)? It has received
> very positive reviews during FOSS4G in Lausanne, and I believe it is
> worth adding it to the toolchain.

Check if there is an Request for Package as a WNPP request in the BTS,
and add one if it is missing.  Also, make sure the package is listed
in <URL:http://pkg-grass.alioth.debian.org/debiangis-status.html> with
a reference to the WNPP request.  If these steps are done, the chances
are that the package will be remembered.  But the Debian GIS project
is short on manpower, as well as short on Debian developers with
upload rights to the Debian archive, so there is no guarantee. :(

Petter Reinholdtsen

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