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Re: [DebianGIS] new postgis et al.

On mar, 04 lug 2006, Stephen Frost wrote:
> Uh, considering 1.1.2 hasn't made it into testing yet I'm not really all
> that anxious to upload 1.1.3 and reset the timer (it takes 10 days for a
> package to move from unstable to testing).  I'm planning to import 1.1.3
> into svn later this week.  I'd like to hold off on uploading it until
> 1.1.2 hits testing though so that we have at least *something* in
> testing.

Having postgis in testing is a requirement for backporting it to sarge,
according to the backports.org guidelines. I've already backported 
postgis 1.1.2 for sarge, I'm just waiting to see it in testing.
So, please do not upload it to unstable untill it reaches testing.


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