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Re: [DebianGIS] ECW SDK Licencing feedback

On 8/25/05, Paul Wise <pabs3@bonedaddy.net> wrote:
> I note that the ITP is still open, will you upload libecw to non-free?
> From my reading of their public use licence, it seems that debian can
> modify and redistribute libecw (including modified binaries). If so,
> perhaps gdal could suggest libecw (or a wrapper) and load it with dlopen
> instead of linking to and depending on it? This way it can stay in main,
> since it doesn't need libecw to run, but can take advantage of it when
> it is available. Is this technically feasible, or will headers from
> libecw be required? If so, perhaps ERMapper Inc. will be willing to
> freely licence the headers and package them separately.


The ECW driver for GDAL can be built as a plugin,and sit
in non-free.  There is no current package for an ECW driver
as a plugin but it would be reasonably easy to create.

However, I suggest we wait to package the ECW SDK till 
after the ECW SDK 3.2 (?) release which is supposed to be
coming up shortly.  It should be altered to use an autoconf
mechanism for building the ECW library, and thus be easier
to package.  It also contains some fixes not in the last release
that are quite significant for Linux.

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