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Re: [DebianGIS] pending issues

Niccolo Rigacci wrote:

Last time I checked it seemed that Chameleon requires a PHP with --enable-dbase, but the Debian one was not.

The php-dbase module is probably still required by Chameleon, I'll let Paul comment on that.

Now I do a rapid check and from debian/copyright.header inside the php4-4.3.10 source you can read:

  It was downloaded from www.php.net/version4/downloads
  Changes: removed ext/dbase dir (non-free)

Doh! I was not aware that the php-dbase extension was not free. I wonder if anyone from the Debian team ever tried to contact the author to ask if he would be willing to release the package under a more open license?

For the record, here is the license text that comes with the DBF package that php-dbase uses:

        DBF - xbase manipulation package
        Copyright (c) Brad Eacker, 1991, 1992, 1993

        Permission is granted to distribute and use the source,
        documentation files and/or compiled binaries associated with dbf
        for non-commercial use. No charges may be made for such

        This notice and a all documentation must be passed along with
        all distributed copies.

        No responsibility is taken for any errors or inaccuracies
        inherent either to the documentation or the code for this
        program, but, if reported to me, an attempt will be made to fix

	Author: Brad Eacker

A search for "dbase non free" (and a few variants around the same keywords) in the PHP bug tracker returned no result, so it is quite likely that the PHP team never got reports of that issue. I have entered a new bug about this: http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=34152

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