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Re: [DebianGIS] bug #316519: libpostgis1-pg74: uninstallable

Le vendredi 22 juillet 2005 à 08:51 -0700, Jon Saints a écrit :
> Has this bug been addressed? Does anyone know the
> workaround?
> Bugzilla says:
> #316519: libpostgis1-pg74: uninstallable
> Package: libpostgis1-pg74; Severity: serious; Reported
> by: Andreas Pakulat <apaku@gmx.de>; Tags: sid; 21 days
> old.
> Thanks

I do think that you can workaround the problem like this :

apt-get source libpostgis1-pg74
cd postgis-1.0.1
vim debian/control
	- change postgresql-dev to postgresl-server-dev-7.4/g
	- change postgresql to postgresql-7.4
	- change postgresql-contrib to postgresql-contrib-7.4

You will probably have a working postgis version for Sid

I had problem running this because of dependencies with libgeos-dev
( libgeos-dev: Dépend: libgeos2 (= 2.1.3-1) but 2.1.1-2 is installed.)

If you suceed, let us know.


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