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[Pkg-grass-general] RFS: grass 6.0.0beta1 CVS - tempfile bug fixed


I've uploaded grass_5.7.0+6.0.0beta1+cvs20050203-0.dgis.unstable.1 to
the archive. How's that for a version number?

This fixes the tempfile security bug(#287651) and it would be great if
it could be uploaded to unstable.

It also changes the library package to libgrass6.0.0beta1. This will
break gdal-grass again(sorry Silke). But I think now it's the way to go.
The libraries require other files in the grass distribution apparently,
and so each grass version will require a particular libgrass version for
everything to work. It looks to me like this is how libgimp is versioned
for instance.

I'm not a DD, so is anyone willing to sponsor this?

Thanks very much,

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