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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] Re: Update on java packages

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Wolfgang Baer]

I started packaging jump and investigated compilation
with free vm's. Currently a non-free jdk is needed for
compilation and I had also to patch some code for the new jdom 1.0
release. I had a look at classpatch cvs. All - exept one - compile
failures I get wiht kaffe are implemented in current cvs.

This sounds very good.  One of the classpath developers have on my
request used jump as a test program and fixed lots of bugs in
classpath the last few weeks.  I'm pleased to learn that he has done
good progress. :)

The current deegree1 version depends on jdk1.4, java3d and jai so it
will go to contrib for sure.

Is there no free source available for java3d and jai?  What features
from jdk1.4 are needed?

I will try compiling with kaffe and the java3d/jai libs to see if it
really depends on jdk1.4.

I just search the source code and the only
OGC service depending on java3d is the web terrain service. I will
have to look if it can be removed to avoid java3d dependencies.

For jai there are dependencies for the wms service which is
one of the importants services.

There are no free implementations for jai as I know.
There is a free vecmath (part of java3d) implementation


which can be used for the matrix classes in deegree.

- Who can file itp bugs for the packages. Only DDs ?

Anyone can file ITP bugs.  But non-DDs need to upload through a
sponsor which is a DD.  I'm happy to review and sponsor packages, but
I am not up to date with Java packages, so I do not want to sponsor
those.  Sorry about that.

OK, so I will file the ITPs if have some comments from the debian-java


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