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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] No delimited text plugin in Debian Qgis ?

On Wed, November 17, 2004 14:11, Moritz Lennert said:
> Steve,
> The debian package of Qgis doesn't seem to have the delimited text plugin
> (which apprently is part of the core now). Any special reason for that ?

I seem to have found the reason: two typos in the debian files of the qgis
source (apt-get source qgis):


should be


Now, when I dpkg-buildpackage, I get the delimited text plugin...

However, it is not very useful as the button to browse for a file as well
as the text field where I could manually enter the file name are dead,
i.e. do not react to mouse clicks or keyboard...

More research needed apparently.

Steve, do you want me to file a debian bug report ?


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