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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] Re: mapserver work

Nicol Hermann wrote:

Hi List,

here are two links to people who created some debian packages for
mapserver before. May be they assess there work to this project so that
we could avoid double work.

Hi list,

I'm from this team. We produced debian packages for mapserver, postgis, gdal (with jasper) to facilitate server installation in our agronomical high school. I'm not the maintaner of those packages. He's on hollidays and will be back next week. Perhap's he will be able to give you more informations on those packages building process.


Chargé de mission Sols et Territoire de Bourgogne
CNERTA-ENESAD, 2 rue champs-prevois, batiment grand-champs, 21000 Dijon

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