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[Pkg-grass-general] Mapserver Working Group

Thanks for the info on the mapserver package. It is
good to know that no one is currently maintaining the
package.  This way, the rest of us are free to hack

Toni, I noticed you said that you could have a deb
package ready for testing next week.  I was going to
build one, but it would take me much longer to do it. 
I have never built a deb package.  I will leave
building the package up to you.  In the meantime, I
will study deb packaging so that i can better help/
improve the package.  Please let me know if i can be
of assistance.  

To the member of the list, Could we sent up a page on
the wiki for mapserver so we have a "home" for the
project files and work that we will be doing?

Take care

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