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Re: Debian Policy released


On 2017-08-21 14:35, Sean Whitton wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Debian Policy is on its way into unstable.
> The source of the Policy Manual is now in reStructuredText, and the
> Sphinx toolchain is used to produce our output formats.  This has
> enabled us to introduce new ePub and Texinfo output formats, so it's now
> more comfortable to read Policy on the beach, and in Emacs.
> Many thanks to Hideki Yamane for writing the rST conversion scripts and
> pushing the project forward, and David Bremner for help proofreading.
> Russ Allbery and I updated the build system.
> We are seeking volunteers to design a Debian documentation Sphinx
> theme.  The maintainers of other core pieces of Debian documentation are
> also looking to move to Sphinx, so such a theme would see wide use.
> Here are the changes from the previously announced version of Policy
> (4.0.1):
> 9.1.1
>     Only the dynamic linker may install files to /lib64/.

How is that supposed to work for the multilib glibc? For example
libc6-amd64:i386 installs all its libraries into /lib64. We don't want
to install these files in the multiarch path, as they will collide with
the libc6:amd64 package. This is actually forbidden by the same
paragraph of the policy (and that's a good thing).

In the long term we should get ready of multilib now that we have
multiarch, but it seems it's not something we are ready to do yet. I
have added debian-gcc@lists.debian.org in Cc: as GCC is the main user
of the multilib glibc.

>     No package for a 64 bit architecture may install files to
>     /usr/lib64/ or any subdirectory.

I guess you want to use the same formulation for /lib64, it should only
be for 64-bit architecture. That said you should define what is a 64 bit
architecture. On x32 (not an official architecture) for example
libc6-amd64:x32 installs files in /lib64 and libc6-amd64-dev:x32
installs file in /usr/lib64. Is it considered a 32-bit architecture or
a 64-bit architecture?


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