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Bug#827995: gfortran-6: Please recommend: libcoarrays-dev

On 23.06.2016 16:48, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> Package: gfortran-6
> Severity: wishlist
> gfortran (from 5.4+) supports CAF, CoArray fortran. To meaningfully use co-arrays
> they need tobe linked with the code, eg.
> gfortan -o ./prog myprog.F03 -fcoarray=lib -lcaf_mpi
> libcaf_mpi is provided by open-coarrays (libcoarray-dev).

Is a recommends rectified? I'd like a suggests better.

 - libcoarrays-dev already depends on gfortran

 - libcoarrays-dev depends on mpi-default-bin, which is
   priority extra, and gfortran-6 is optional.


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