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Bug#794203: libstdc++6: libreoffice Breaks too low

Package: libstdc++6
Version: 5.2.1-13
Severity: important


$ dpkg --info libstdc++6_5.2.1-13_ppc64el.deb | grep Breaks
 Breaks: [...], libreoffice-core (<= 1:4.4.4-1), [...]

As said on IRC I has an at job scheduled for yesterday 13:00 to upload 4.4.5-1.
Which ran but since dak was broken for a few hours...

Anyway, 4.4.5-1 has FTBFS problems, so I need a 4.4.5-2 (which I need in any
case, othweise rebuilds will fail in any case. bad.).

Pleae update the Breaks to libreoffice <= 1:4.4.5-2

(OK, that doesn't take into account the 5.0.0 rcs in experimental, but oh



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