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Bug#720994: libppl0.12-dev: ppl.hh contains definitions which are also in gmpxx.h

Am 26.08.2013 22:33, schrieb Felix Salfelder:
> Package: libppl0.12-dev
> Version: 1:1.0-7
> Severity: important
> Dear Maintainer,
> ppl.hh contains a remark about a transition concerning the numeric_limits
> declaration.
> /*
>   [..]
>   \note
>   The PPL provides the specializations of the class template
>   <CODE>numeric_limits</CODE> not only for PPL-specific numeric types,
>   but also for the GMP types <CODE>mpz_class</CODE> and
>   <CODE>mpq_class</CODE>. These specializations will be removed
>   as soon as they will be provided by the C++ interface of GMP.
>  */
> Now, with libgmp-dev=2:5.1.2+dfsg-2, gmpxx.h contains these definitions. which
> makes anything including both gmpxx.h and ppl.hh fail to build.
> If you dont intend to pull in a new ppl release: for me it worked to simply
> enclose the two "template <> class numeric_limits<mp{q,z}_class> { [..] };"
> prototypes into "#ifndef __GMP_PLUSPLUS__ .. #endif". I'd highly appreciate a
> working package...

that should be fixed in the version in experimental.

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