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Re: Is there a way to make ld.gold the default?

Am 22.08.2013 01:36, schrieb Miles Bader:
> Recent changes get rid of the binutils-gold package and put gold in
> the normal binutils package.  A side effect of this is that ld.bfd is
> now the default, whereas ld.gold was the default with binutils-gold
> install.
> Is there an official way to make ld.gold the default with the new
> state of things, or is one expected to just manually change the
> symlink in /usr/bin?

yes, pass -fuse-ld=gold to the linker.

> [Also, is there a reason gold _isn't_ the default?  It seems to have
> more features (e.g. --icf), and is apparently significantly faster on
> large apps, so ...]

how many packages will stop working? I didn't check that yet.  Also there seem
to be issues when gold is used together with -flto.

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