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Bug#711558: gcc-4.8: [m68k] patch set 2

Matthias Klose dixit:

>Which of these are applied upstream, and if not, why?

libffi-m68k.diff is applied.

m68k-revert-pr45144.diff is not applied upstream yet,
maybe Mikael knows why?

pr49847.diff is not applied yet even though it seems
to be clear – I’ve prodded them again a month ago
and have not received any response yet; maybe just
nobody feels responsible?

pr52306-retry-hack.diff is not intended to ever be
applied upstream as-is (and depends on another Debian
patch) but only a stopgap allowing us to proceed to
compile things until the problem is fixed for real
(although we now at least seem to know where it is).

pr52714.diff is not applied yet because Mikael didn’t
submit it as he didn’t understand why the 4.6 version
of the code (which we revert to the 4.5 version) has
the problem, even though it definitely is an issue.

There’s also m68k-ada.diff in gcc in Debian already,
which will probably applied when it’s ready enough
and working with 4.8 (I think both Mikael upstream
and the GNAT people in Debian do most of the Ada
related work on 4.6), maybe in combination with the
pr49847.diff one?


PS: Native compilation still running, looking good so far.
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