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Location for Fortran90 module files


Fortran90 compiler produce module files (.mod) when compiling modules,
those are supposed to included by Fortran90 applications like .h header
files for C/C++.

However, those module files are kinda precompiled and compiler- and even
compiler-version dependent in the sense that there is no guarantee that
.mod files from gfortran-4.4 will work with gfortran-4.7.  Point
releases are supposed to be compatible though.

Question is: Are there any such libraries in the archive already (there
are .mod files in the archive, but I couldn't find any obvious Fortran90
.mod files with a quick search), and/or do we have a policy on where to
put those .mod files?

Candidate locations would be:

/usr/include (but those are really meant for C/C++)
/usr/finclude (for fortran include, but not FHS compliant I guess)

Another option would be to use the internal GCC .mod directory, in my

$ gcc -print-file-name=finclude

What to do about the compatibilty is a different matter, did this come
up before?

For reference, see also the Fedora thread here and the thread on the GCC
list referenced therein:





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