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How difficult would it be to create a libgfortran-4.x-pic package?

First, sorry if this is the wrong list. I could redirect this question to
debian-mentors or elsewhere if more appropriate there.

I frequently have to create a shared library with libstdc++ and
libgfortran statically linked. This currently requires building GCC
(or at least those two libraries) from source specifying --with-pic
to configure. I have noticed there are packages libstdc++6-4.x-pic
(or libstdc++-4.8-pic in the experimental distribution) which simplify
this task, but there is no such thing for libgfortran. How difficult
would it be to create this?

I have looked at the libstdc++ automake files and the relevant diffs
in the GCC source .deb package, and it looks as if creating the
libstdc++6-4.x-pic package is especially simple since the file is just
renamed from the libstdc++convenience.a library which is already
being built. The build process for libgfortran looks quite different and
I don’t see a clear analog. I hope I’m not the only one who would find
this useful. I’d be willing to help do this, if it’s within my ability.

Tony Kelman

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