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Bug#696058: gfortran: [gfortran] incorrect logic in -O2 old-style

Kevin Mitchell wrote:

Comparision logic fails between "wrapped around" integers inside an inverted
while loop hack. This occurs only on optimisation level 2 and if the
loop does not have an upper limit.

I encountered this when trying to emperically check the integer
limits. Attached is a small example code and the unexpected output when
compiled with "gfortran -O2 ltbug.f". The last line should read
"( 127 < -128 )= F" and execution should terminate there, but instead
continues indefinitely.

I believe that that's a bug in the program. Fortran (like C) does not define the semantic for integer wrapping around [at least not for signed integers; though Fortran doesn't have unsigned integers].

Work around: -fno-strict-overflow. (-fstrict-overflow is enabled by default with -O2 or higher).

I have some trouble pin-pointing it in the Fortran standard; nonetheless some quotes from Fortran 2008: ftp://ftp.nag.co.uk/sc22wg5/N1801-N1850/N1830.pdf

* The standard doesn't define the semantics, hence, the catch it all applies: "A program (2.2.2) is a standard-conforming program if it uses only those forms and relationships described herein and if the program has an interpretation according to this part of ISO/IEC 1539." (Section "1.5 Conformance").

* "The execution of any numeric operation whose result is not defined by the arithmetic used by the processor is prohibited." ( Evaluation of numeric intrinsic operations)

* And the numerical model is stated in "13.4 Numeric models".

The following quote is more explicit albeit not normative. It comes from the draft Fortran appendix to ISO/IEC Technical Report (TR) 24772 "Guidance to avoiding vulnerabilities in programming languages through language selection and use". [That's one of the few free-of-charge ISO standards.] The Fortran appendix has been written by members of the Fortran standardization committee and has been voted on. See ftp://ftp.nag.co.uk/sc22wg5/N1901-N1950/N1947.pdf

Namely: "if an integer operation results in a value outside the supported range, the program is not conforming. This might not be detected. Likewise, assigning a value to an integer variable whose range does not include the value, renders the program not conforming."


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