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Re: Accepted gcc-defaults 1.118 (source all amd64)

On 31/05/12 07:59, Mike Hommey wrote:
> FWIW, it has been confirmed to be gcc 4.7 miscompiling. It is supposed
> to be fixed in upcoming 4.7.1.

The Mozilla bug report referred to GCC PR/53516.  Could you please check
if this was fixed by gcc-4.7 4.7.0-11 which was accepted in unstable today?

>  gcc-4.7  (4.7.0-11) unstable; urgency=low
>    * Update to SVN 20120530 (r188035) from the gcc-4_7-branch.
>      - Fix PR c++/53356, PR c++/53491, PR c++/53503, PR c++/53220,
>        PR middle-end/53501, PR rtl-optimization/53519,
>        PR tree-optimization/53516, PR tree-optimization/53438,
>        PR target/52999, PR middle-end/53008.

Steven Chamberlain

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