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Bug#276227: found 4.6.1-5

reassign 276227 gnat-4.6
found 276227 4.6.1-5

Since both messages are now coherent, I propose to test one single type.

package Test_124 is
   type T is range 1 .. 32;
   type T_arr_unconstrained is array (T range <>) of boolean;
   type T_arr_constrained is new T_arr_unconstrained (T);
   pragma pack (T_arr_unconstrained);
   for T_arr_constrained'size use 32;
end Test_124;

gnatmake test_124
gcc-4.6 -c test_124.ads
test_124.ads:6:35: size for "T_arr_constrained" too small, minimum allowed is 256
gnatmake: "test_124.ads" compilation error

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