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Re: Bug#637418: gnat-4.6 ftbfs with eglibc-2.13-16

tags 637418 pending

On Thu, 11 Aug 2011 10:42:31 +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
clone 637418 -1
reassign -1 linux-libc-dev
block 637418 by -1

<aurel32> looks like a kernel headers issue
<aurel32> doko: the difference is that with the i386/x86-64 headers,
asm/sigcontext.h was not included
<aurel32> with the i386 headers it is
<aurel32> so it looks like a bug in the kernel headers, but triggered
by eglibc

I found that patching src/gcc/ada/gcc-interface/Makefile.in, in the constant INCLUDES, to replace -I- (deprecated) with -iquote allowed gnat-4.6 to build on i386.

Ludovic Brenta.

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