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Bug#636291: gnat on kfreebsd

Ludovic Brenta dixit:

>I've already uploaded (yesterday evening) with my proposed patch but if
>your patch is better, I'll be happy to upload with yours.

Yes, I noticed because of the upload (keeping an eye on d-d-changes
at the moment). I don’t know whether my patch is better, with Ada
it’s really a do-as-I-encounter-it approach for me (but with years
of doing that, occasionally)… it was enough for the bootstrap to
succeed, at least.

FWIW, I'm quite impressed with mksh interactively. I thought it was much
*much* more bare bones. But it turns out it beats the living hell out of
ksh93 in that respect. I'd even consider it for my daily use if I hadn't
wasted half my life on my zsh setup. :-) -- Frank Terbeck in #!/bin/mksh

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