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Migration of multiarch into testing

I think I have found the root cause of #631627 and #631817 but I would like
confirmation.  My theory is:

* on 2011-06-08, gcc-4.6 4.6.0-12 (and libgcc1) to unstable introduced support
for multiarch.
* on 2011-06-09, eglibc 2.13-6 was built on unstable against the multiarch-aware
* on 2011-06-12, eglibc 2.13-7 was built on unstable against the multiarch-aware
* on 2011-06-25, eglibc 2.13-7 migrated to testing.

But libgcc1 (currently at 4.6.0-14) still has not migrated to testing.  As a
consequence, ld looks for libgcc_s.so in the wrong (multiarch-aware) place.

If my theory is correct, the fix is simply to allow libgcc1 to migrate to
testing.  There is a mysterious problem there; the PTS says the package should
have migrated five days ago but is out of date on powerpc; the buildd logs
indicate the build succeeded on 2011-06-18.  Had libgcc1 migrated to testing in
time, this problem would never have appeared.

I am wondering why the renowned Debian Advanded Package Manager (i.e. apt)
failed to detect the incompatibility.  Perhaps eglibc should have had a Breaks:
libgcc1 (<< 4.6.0-12)?

Could someone confirm my theory?

Could someone investigate why libgcc1 has not migrated into testing yet?

Ludovic Brenta.

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