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Bug#629930: libstdc++6: 4.6.0-12 breaks something in /lib64/*

Matthias Klose said on Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 12:21:17PM +0200,:

 > severity 629930 normal
 > thanks

 > nobody else seems to see this, can't reproduce it either.

Well, I had unst installed a fresh system with squeeze netinst ISO CD,
upgraded to -12 and later upgraded to -13 on a different
machine. SInce that machine does not have this problem, either an
upgrade chain, or some other package is precipitating this issue.

Both machines have identical sources.list (experimental, unstable, and
testing, in that order).

THe newer machine was upgraded just once, and some pick and choose was
done using the experimental repositories, and most of things are from
testing there.  (did an aptitude upgrade about 6 hours back, and
nothing is broken so faron the other machine),

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