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Re: gcc-4.5 multiarch: cross-builds, multilib breakage

On 21.03.2011 08:35, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Getting tired of me yet? :-)
> Three patches attached.  The first includes a set of fixes for the
> cross-building support when multiarch is turned on.  The second is the
> promised update corresponding to the preceding gcc-4.4 patch, fixing up the
> multilib directories when building for multiarch.  The third and final patch
> is a change to gcc-4.5-base, to put the architecture-specific list of
> applied patches in a separate README.Debian.$arch so that this Multi-Arch:
> same package doesn't put architecture-dependent data in a common path.
> With this set, I believe we're current wrt Ubuntu natty as far as multiarch
> support is concerned.

all applied.

thanks, Matthias

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