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[Bug libstdc++/42460] man page errors for generated libstdc++ man pages

------- Comment #13 from doko at ubuntu dot com  2010-01-21 14:30 -------
std::basic_ios.3, std::basic_ofstream.3, std::basic_ostream.3,
std::basic_ostringstream.3, std::ios_base.3:

Definition at line 657 of file ios_base.h.
.SS "\fBstreamsize\fP std::ios_base::width () const\fC [inline, inherited]\fP"
Flags access. \fBReturns:\fP
.RS 4
The minimum field width to generate on output operations.
'Minimum field width' refers to the number of characters. 

The ' should be escaped as \', or else the paragraph is just discarded; unsure
how this should be formatted (quoting as \" for doxygen?). other places are
quotations from the standard, like:


       *  'If it returns a positive value, then successive calls to
       *  @c underflow() will not return @c traits::eof() until at least that
       *  number of characters have been supplied.  If @c showmanyc()
       *  returns -1, then calls to @c underflow() or @c uflow() will fail.'
       *  []/1

Extraction into another streambuf. \fBParameters:\fP
.RS 4
\fIsb\fP A streambuf in which to store data. 
.RS 4
Returns \fCget\fP(sb,widen('
Definition at line 365 of file istream.


       *  Returns @c get(sb,widen('\n')).

unqoted quote and unqoted backslash, so make this "\\\"\? There are other

A random number generator that produces pseudorandom numbers using the linear
function $x_{i+1}\leftarrow(ax_{i} + c) \bmod m $.

The formula for the exponential probability density function is $ p(x|\lambda)
= \lambda e^{-\lambda x} $.

Tex is used instead of eqn. Didn't see a directive to not include this not for
the manpages.

So far, no bad checks from the checker, these all look like real problems.



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