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Bug#564232: Bug 564232 and 561121 related to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD near to be fixed

Reto Buerki dixit:

>Ludovic Brenta schrieb:
>> Actually, since the patch applies to some C sources, not Ada, I do not
>> think BinNMUs are required anymore.  The BinNMUs are only required if
>> changing Ada source because of Ada's rules about consistency at the source
>> level.  These rules do not apply to C, obviously.
>> I'll upload a new version of gnat-4.4 with this fix during the weekend.
>gsocket.h is included by s-oscons-tmplt.c which is used generate
>s-oscons.ads. This Ada file changes on kfreebsd.

Yes, but as soon as a source file changes, my understanding is that
you need an NMU not a binNMU, because the Debian source package must
be exactly what was used to compile it. Or a new upload, of course.

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