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Bug#564232: Bug 564232 and 561121 related to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD near to be fixed

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Petr Salinger a écrit :
>> I'm new to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and I came to it in order to solve a
>> FTBFS bug (561121) in package polyorb. Bug 561121 is a consequence of
>> bug 564232 (in gnat-4.4). I have found a fix for 564232 (tested up to
>> packaging) and there is two solutions for me now :
>>   - 1/ don't touch to gnat-4.4 and apply a work-around for 561121
>>   - 2/ modify gnat-4.4 on kfreebsd (amd64 and i386) and upload again
>>        all packages depending on gnat-4.4
>> The first solution is simpler from an upload point of view but 564232
>> may have impact on others Ada packages which need to bind sockets
>> (libaws for example).
> The proper fix would be fix gnat-4.4 and binNMU/requeue affected packages.

OK. I'll try to understand (since I'm new to this) how binNMU is working
before asking for more help.

> There is a big difference between (kernels of) Linux and FreeBSD in this:
> Linux:
>        struct sockaddr {
>                short       sa_family;
>                char        sa_data[14];
>            }
> FreeBSD:
>        struct sockaddr {
>                unsigned char sa_len;
>            unsigned char sa_family;
>                char          sa_data[14];
>            }
> Ada bindings have to closely follow definition of this struct.

Thanks Petr, I totally missed the difference in definition for
__SOCKADDR_COMMON between linux and freebsd in bits/sockaddr.h since
netinet/in.h have same md5sum on both arch.

My fix put the family inet in the good place but not for a good reason.
I do an htons instead of changing the binding of sockaddr. I will rework
my patch and see if the result is OK.

I have put Ludovic and Reto in CC since they work on the packages
involved in these bugs (polyorb and gnat-4.4). But we shouldn't ask them
for help on freebsd architecture since they lack the time for this fix
and I'm willing to do it and learn from the occasion.

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