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[Bug tree-optimization/42703] [4.5 Regression] ICE in generate_subtree_copies, at tree-sra.c:2003

------- Comment #3 from rguenth at gcc dot gnu dot org  2010-01-12 14:38 -------
__extension__ typedef unsigned long long int uint64_t;
typedef uint64_t ScmUInt64;
void swapb64(ScmUInt64 *loc) 
    union {
        ScmUInt64 l;
        unsigned char c[4];
    } dd;
    unsigned char t;
    dd.l = *loc;
    (t = dd.c[3], dd.c[3] = dd.c[4], dd.c[4] = t);

> ./cc1 -quiet uvector.3.i -O
uvector.3.i: In function 'swapb64':
uvector.3.i:12:1: internal compiler error: in generate_subtree_copies, at
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