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[Bug target/42542] Vectorizer produces incorrect results on max/min of unsigned intergers

------- Comment #23 from hjl dot tools at gmail dot com  2010-01-12 00:41 -------
(In reply to comment #22)
> I am looking at this on IA64 and fixing it for V2SI seems simple enough.  
> I will attach a patch.  But I am not sure what to do for V4HI and V8QI. 
> The current code uses an 'unsigned saturating subtraction' and that
> seems to be what x86 is using for V16QI and V8HI.  But when I run
> pr42542-2.c and pr42542-3.c (short and char) on IA64 they fail.  My
> patch does make pr42542-1.c (int) work.  I tried handling V4HI and V8QI
> in the same way as V2SI but that didn't seem to work either.

What was the problem with V4HI and V8QI? The existing code works
OK on pr42542-2.c and pr42542-3.c for me.



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