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SchoolFusion Classroom - The Ultimate Teacher's Resource

Free Web 2.0 Teacher Pages!

You've been invited to join the thousands of teachers already using SchoolFusion Classroom. Sign up for your free SchoolFusion Classroom Web page today and discover how simple it is to engage your students. Your Classroom Web page will include Drag & Drop capabilities that make it easy to manage your Web 2.0 tools, including: Blog, podcasts, Wiki and so much more.

As a forward thinking teacher, we only ask that you give us your occasional feedback so we can continue to build tools that promote student collaboration and 21st century learning skills in the classroom. No matter what your feedback, this offer is good for life.

If you're interested, please click the following link to watch a 2 minute movie on the solution.

Watch a quick movie about Schoolfusion Classroom

Be sure to use offer code: "Homework" when signing up.

Kindest regards,
The SchoolFusion Classroom Team
A Fast Easy & Fun way to manage a class Website and Blog.

SchoolFusion is a leading provider of website and communication solutions for K-12 education. Its customized Web tools aim to connect administrators with teachers, students, parents and their communities by empowering districts to communicate more effectively using customized content management systems, online calendars, easy-to-use classroom websites, Web 2.0 tools and CIPA compliant messaging.

SchoolFusion serves over 5,000 schools with over 1 million users in 44 states across the United States, providing effective communication tools that build strong school communities where students get the 21st century learning experiences they need to thrive.

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