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Re: Depencencies of gcc on glibc/eglibc and libc6-i386

Selon Aurelien Jarno:
>> But in a machine with glibc 2.5 and libc6-i386 2.5 that builds gcc
>> produces binary packages that are uninstallable on the same machine
>> because they conflict with glibc (<< 2.9-22).  Is that intentional?  To
>> me it seems to break the Law of Least Astonishment; if I build on a
>> machine, the least I can reasonably expect is to be able to install on
>> that same machine (unless of course I'm cross-compiling, which is not
>> our case).
> This is due to the lib32 transition on amd64. Current version of gcc put
> the 32-bit version of the library in /lib32, while previous versions put
> them into /emul/ia32-linux. Therefore while the current gcc will build
> against glibc 2.5, the resulting lib32* packages won't be installable on
> amd64. Other packages will be installable. Note that it does not concern
> the other architectures.

Exactly and I see this as a problem on amd64.  Do you agree?

Ludovic Brenta.

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