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[Bug libstdc++/40038] [4.4/4.5 regression] symbols ceill@GLIBCXX_3.4.3 not exported

------- Comment #11 from doko at debian dot org  2009-05-13 16:28 -------
Subject: Re:  [4.4/4.5 regression] symbols ceill@GLIBCXX_3.4.3
 not exported

bkoz at gcc dot gnu dot org schrieb:
> ------- Comment #10 from bkoz at gcc dot gnu dot org  2009-05-12 23:01 -------
> Sorry for the delay Paolo, this fix looks fine.
> I see tanhl missing too in that log, yet the gnu.ver exports have it and so
> does src/math_compatibility_long_double.cc, although depending on
> _GLIBCXX_HAVE_TANHL. What gives? Is this some kind of temporary build issue or
> is this still indicative of configure/build issues?

no that was accidentally removed in your suggested workaround for PR39491.

> Please note that there are no arm ABI baselines. Is this due to
> multilib/configure issues and or large numbers of variants? Can Debian
> volunteers fix this or elaborate? Hopefully the necessity of this is now
> apparent.

I'll ask the Debian ARM port maintainers. would welcome feedback from GCC ARM
maintainers as well.

> I appreciate the current efforts to get Debian builds back on track, but am a
> bit alarmed at the releases w/ known ABI fails on secondary arches. What can be
> done to improve this situation?

baseline files would help. Debian itself does include symbol files as well, but
in this case I didn't update those when adding the new armeabi support. But I
only will notice such regressions when building the package for Debian or
Ubuntu, which I did for arm not before the 4.4 release.




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