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Re: ppl - source package should be versioned

> Michael Tautschnig writes:
> > > Assume we do build the default gcc depending on a libppl0, now the
> > > libppl soname is changed to libppl1, a new ppl source is uploaded, and
> > > suddendly libppl0 isn't available anymore. And we still need to
> > > rebuild gcc using gcc. Making the ppl source versioned (pplX), we
> > > still have the old libppl0 in the archive, and can rebuild gcc, then
> > > remove the old pplX source and binary packages only built from the old
> > > source. Please consider this for the next version bump.
> > > 
> > 
> > Does gcc indeed build-depend on libpplX/libppl-cX? If this is not the case, all
> > that must be taken care of is transitions to testing, if I'm not mistaken. Or am
> > I getting something wrong?
> yes. while you may have the old libppl0 still installed in the
> archive, a buildd cannot find it anymore in the archive, if it is not
> installed anymore in the buildd chroot.

Sure, sorry for overlooking that point. What troubles me a bit is that I fail to
find any package already doing that kind of stuff to find a bit of information
on dos and don'ts. After all, gcc-snapshot depends on a quite large set of
libraries, all of which should stumble over this issue at some point!? But
apparently the only alternative seem to be version symbols and to build multiple
versions of the library from a single package.


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