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Re: Pb cross-compilation with GCC-4.1

Hello Willy,

> The same problem occurs when compiling GCC to produce powerpc code from
> AMD64:
> For launching compilation:
> $ apt-get source gcc-4.1
> $ cd gcc-4.1-4.1.1ds2
> $ export GCC_TARGET=powerpc
> $ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b > ../gcc.build

If you try to build a cross compiler:
$ GCC_TARGET=powerpc DEB_CROSS=yes fakeroot debian/rules control
$ GCC_TARGET=powerpc DEB_CROSS=yes dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -B -rfakeroot

At www.emdebian.org you already have binary cross-compilers for
Debian, you even have an amd64 to i486. Also for those arches gcc
should support -m32 and -m64 on native toolchain.

If you try to build some package/code with the cross compiler, then i
would not be so sure, but probably it is a missing library. For such
cases, try to ask to debian-embedded list.


 Héctor Orón

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