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help me

dear sir,
            I am trying to install gfortran_4.0.3-1_amd64.deb but the
package installer is showing some error like this(Error:dependency is
not satisfiable:gfortran 4-0)

The GNU Fortran 95 compiler
This is the GNU Fortran 95 compiler, which compiles Fortran 95 on
platforms supported by the gcc compiler. It uses the gcc backend to
generate optimized code.
This is a dependency package providing the default GNU Fortran 95 compiler.

so please suggest some solution so that i can install gfortran in my
pc.The configuration of my pc is 512 ram,80 gb hard disk,64 bit
AMDsempron processor k8vm ultra motherboard.

                          thanking you,

                         kingshuk sarkar

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