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[Bug target/35659] [4.3/4.4 Regression] Miscompiled code with -O2 (but not with -O2 -funroll-loops) on ia64

------- Comment #14 from jakub at gcc dot gnu dot org  2008-06-25 11:31 -------
I have no idea why is speculation even attempted here (it doesn't make any
the pointer is surely non-NULL, it points to a global variable), and apparently
nothing checks whether it is safe to move over the speculative load over
the store (at least, I've put a breakpoint on nonoverlapping_memrefs_p
and {{,canon_}true,anti,output}_dependence and none of them hit with any MEMs
with r44 or POST_MODIFY r59, -60.  Maxim, speculation is your baby, could you
please have a look?


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