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[Bug rtl-optimization/323] optimized code gives strange floating point results

------- Comment #118 from vincent at vinc17 dot org  2008-06-24 20:45 -------
(In reply to comment #117)
> By a lucky hit, I have found this in the GCC documentation:
> "
> -mpc32
> -mpc64
> -mpc80

OK, this is new in gcc 4.3. I haven't tried, but if gcc just changes the
precision without changing the values of <float.h> macros to make them correct,
this is just a workaround (better than nothing, though). Also, this is a
problem for library code if it requires to have double precision instead of
extended precision, as these options won't probably be taken into account at
that point. (Unfortunately it's probably too late to have a clean ABI.)



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