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Bug#487396: Missing link error on ARM

Is this arm only, or armel as well?


Enrico Zini writes:
> Package: g++-4.3
> Version: 4.3.1-2
> Severity: normal
> Hello,
> while trying to investigate why libept does not build on ARM, I came up
> with the attached source code.  On any system, it gives a link time
> error while building it.  On ARM, only when invoking g++, only with
> -fPIC, it links fine, then running the program segfaults.
> To reproduce, install g++ 4.3 on ARM, then run:
>   g++-4.3 -fPIC -o main1 main1.cpp
> We have been working on minimising this test code since a whole day, and
> we did not manage to make it smaller than this.  Fiddling with this code
> further (like removing a template parameter, or removing the std
> namespace) makes the linker error properly appear.

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