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Bug#485878: g++-3.4 no longer in testing

> g++-3.4 has recently disappeared from testing (although gcc-3.4 is still
> there). *Please don't do this!* I=C2=A0rely on my Debian testing system f=
> or
> hosting application development that needs to work on all kinds of other
> platforms, many of which do not run gcc-4 yet. Although I do the initial
> work in the latest g++-4, I also want to be able to build with every
> flavour of g++-3, and even with g++-2.95 if possible. I will eventually
> build on the target platform, of course, but it's great to be able to
> check for compiler and library compatibility on Linux first, typically
> using a tinderbox arrangement.
> I=C2=A0could of course build my own g++ from source, or add the etch
> repository, but this doesn't seem like the right way to solve the
> problem.

having versioned packages in the distribution requires us to
explicitely remove support for older versioned packages.  In the case
of gcc-3.4 that should not be a surprise, as gcc-3.4 was not the
default compiler for the last stable release. IMO our primary focus
is the distribution, which doesn't require g++-3.4 for building
packages; if you do have other needs, you have to build it on your
own. We cannot provide you with a repository of old compiler versions.

> I've noticed the same problem with other packages (eg nVidia drivers)
> where older versions of packages are taken out of sid before they are
> able to go into testing (eg because they depend on an xorg version that
> isn't in testing yet). As a result, there was NO usable nvidia package in
> testing for a long time (and may be still: I don't know, because I
> switched to ATI hardware in frustration).

please address these in separate reports.

> Sometimes it feels like testing is the poor relation in the Debian
> world, and so it's not so surprising that many people have "defected" to
> Ubuntu. Debian testing works well for someone like myself, who wants a
> reasonably stable application development platform (ie not sid) but
> needs access to relatively up-to-date libraries (eg GTK).

I don't see the relation to Ubuntu; these changes will be merged into
the current Ubuntu development release with the next merge. There's no
special handling unless the MOTU developers decide on it.


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